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SALON ( SALON de Paris ) was the meeting place of the art and literary society of Paris. The SALON gathered for the first time in 1725. It was a place where the luminaries of the art fraternity of Paris gathered to enjoy the paintings displayed and exchange their view on art and art literature. It was a place to discuss, criticise, learn and be in the know on the latest art events.

We strive to recreate this experience in this section. We bring you interesting art news, international and national articles and other literary delights on art.



Art News

Color Art Show
of Indian Contemporary Art Opens in Dubai


PROART Gallery, the gallery that celebrates innovative art & collectibles is delighted to promote the "COLORS ART SHOW OF INDIAN CONTEMPORARY ART" exhibition that will showcase the artworks of a selection of young Indian- Artists from April 4th - 13th 2013 at the Pro Art Gallery located at Palm Strip Shopping Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road.




Signs of an art market growing in maturity


An encouraging string of Asian art sales recently have well exceeded rather subdued expectations. The semi-annual Asia week auctions by Sotheby's and Christie's, expected to result in sales of somewhere between $75m and $105m, witnessed higher prices than the pre-sale estimates on several pieces owing to intensely competitive bidding. The latter led with over $80m, or about 50% above their original pre-sale estimate, whereas Sotheby's total was more than $52m.




Manifestations IX, 20th Century Indian Art


The idea of buying and collecting art has changed in the last decade with a flood of informed publications andinroads by the Internet that are guiding buying choices with educated hand-holding.

A series of publications and displays of works by the pioneering masters of Indian modern and contemporary art, "Manifestations IX", is reaching out to art lovers and buyers across collectors' segments in the country to educate them about the legacy of Indian art and to archive aesthetic history for posterity.





How the Goan lost his art: The Vasudeo Gaitonde Chapter


Jubilation in Nagpur when one of Vasudeo Gaitonde's paintings topped the latest Sotheby's auction of Indian art. That city's edition of this very newspaper headlined the news prominently, "Nagpur artist's painting fetches 5.2 crore", and quoted a local artist saying, "It's heartening that Nagpur's artists are getting such acclaim." The curator of the Central Museum in Nagpur was reported saying, "We are honoured that our museum has Gaitonde's work...I hope more people will be inspired to come and see."



Articles on Art

List of the most Expensive Paintings

             The top 10 most expensive paintings belong to the Modern and Post Modern artists.

They represent the movements Abstract expressionism, Cubism, Symbolism, Pop-Art and Post impressionism. The oldest is from 1890, painted by Vincent Van Gogh.

It is also not surprising to see that half of the top 10 paintings were sold in 2006, the peak of the art market boom. However, this list does not represent the most expensive paintings per se but the most expensive paintings that have been evaluated till now. E.g. the Mona Lisa is said to be worth considerably more than the ones below.

Modern Indian Masters – “the current auction house favourites

             S.H.Raza, F.N Souza, Tyeb Mehta, V.S.Gaitonde, M.F Husain, Amrita Shergil are the current auction house favourites of the Indian Modern art market. The paintings of these 5 artists form the top 10 most expensive Indian paintings sold till date.

The article is worth a read to understand the messages these artists wanted to impart to the public. It also highlights their personal idiosyncrasies and its effect on their art.

Art Blogs

Understanding Paintings

             This blog is intended to serve as a beginners guide for art lovers and collectors. We will try to answer the FAQs of art.

Art like music can bring joy and comfort to the viewer. A painting is something that can be appreciated by everybody. This blog is an initiative by Monsoon Canvas to bring art to the masses and make it a part of everyone’s life. You need not be a connoisseur to appreciate and understand paintings. All you need is the attitude to live and enjoy life.

Investing in Indian Art

             The blog gives tips, hints on how to purchase investment worthy art. The blog also keeps in line with the art market price trends, innovative artwork, new genre etc. Reading the articles should give an art lover, a fair amount of information on the investment potential of Indian art and art in general.

Happy Art Investing!

Melbourne Public Art

             This blog is dedicated to the numerous ’Public Art’ that dots the streets of Melbourne city. I had the pleasure to admire these works at leisure during my two month stay. Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen.

Art Advisory

We would be happy to advice you and talk to you on any matters of art. We are happy to share our knowledge of the current art scene in India, the artists of repute and the current price trends.

  • Advice on picking the right artwork
  • Advice on picking the right artist
  • Advice on art and interiors
  • Advice on taking care of your artwork
  • Or just chat about art to us – trust us, there are no silly questions in matters of art..